GraMSec 2020

The Seventh International Workshop on
Graphical Models for Security

June 22, 2020

Co-located with CSF 2020


Accepted Papers


  • Library-based attack tree synthesis, by Sophie Pinchinat, Francois Schwarzentruber and Sébastien Lê Cong
  • Causal model extraction from attack trees to attribute malicious insiders attacks, by Amjad Ibrahim, Simon Rehwald, Antoine Scemama, Florian Andres and Alexander Pretschner
  • A probabilistic attack simulation language for the IT domain, by Sotirios Katsikeas, Simon Hacks, Pontus Johnson, Mathias Ekstedt, Robert Lagerström, Joar Jacobsson, Max Wällstedt and Per Eliasson
  • Asset-centric analysis and visualisation of attack trees, by Christopher Schmitz, André Sekulla and Sebastian Pape
  • Representing decision-makers in SGAM-H: The smart grid architecture model extended with the human layer, by Adam Szekeres and Einar Snekkenes
  • Argumentation-based semantics for attack-defense networks, by Dov Gabbay, Ross Horne, Sjouke Mauw and Leon van der Torre
  • A diagrammatic approach to information flow in encrypted communication, by Peter Hines


  • Contextualisation of data flow diagrams for security analysis, by Shamal Faily, Riccardo Scandariato, Adam Shostack, Laurens Sion and Duncan Ki-Aries
  • GroDDViewer: Dynamic dual view of Android malware, by Jean-Francois Lalande, Mathieu Simon and Valérie Viet Triem Tong
  • Breaking the cyber kill chain by modelling resource costs, by Kristian Haga, Per Håkon Meland and Guttorm Sindre

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