GraMSec 2017

The Fourth International Workshop on
Graphical Models for Security

Santa Barbara, CA, USA - August 21, 2017

Co-located with CSF 2017

Camera ready version for post-proceedings due on September 22



  • Karin Bernsmed, Christian Frøystad, Per Håkon Meland, Dag Atle Nesheim, and Ørnulf Jan Rødseth
    Visualizing Cyber Security Risks with Bow-Tie Diagrams
  • Angèle Bossuat and Barbara Kordy
    Evil Twins: Handling Repetitions in Attack–Defense Trees - A Survival Guide
  • Aitor Couce-Vieira, Siv Hilde Houmb, and David Ríos-Insua
    CSIRA: A Method for Analysing the Risk of Cybersecurity Incidents
  • Peter Gjøl Jensen, Axel Legay, Kim Guldstrand Larsen, and Danny Bøgsted Poulsen
    Quantitative Evaluation of Attack Defense Trees using Stochastic Timed Automata
  • Dan Ionita, Margaret Ford, Alexandr Vasenev, and Roel Wieringa
    Graphical Modeling of Security Arguments: Current State and Future Directions


  • Olga Gadyatskaya and Rolando Trujillo-Rasua
    New Directions in Attack Tree Research: Catching up with Industrial Needs
  • Ryan Habibi, Jens Weber, and Morgan Price
    Circle of Health Based Access Control for Personal Health Information Systems
  • Letitia Li, Florian Lugou, and Ludovic Apvrille
    Security Modeling for Embedded System Design
  • Brian Ruttenberg, Dave Blumstein, Jeff Druce, Michael Howard, Fred Reed, Leslie Wilfong, Crystal Lister, Steve Gaskin, Meaghan Foley, and Dan Scofield
    Probabilistic Modeling of Insider Threat Detection Systems

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