GraMSec 2016

The Third International Workshop on
Graphical Models for Security

Lisbon, Portugal - June 27, 2016

Co-located with CSF 2016

GraMSec'16 post-proceedings are available online



  • Maxime Audinot and Sophie Pinchinat.
    On the Soundness of Attack Trees
  • Xinshu Dong, Sumeet Jauhar, William G. Temple, Binbin Chen, Zbigniew Kalbarczyk, William H. Sanders, Nils Ole Tippenhauer and David M. Nicol.
    The Right Tool for the Job: a Case for Common Input Scenarios for Security Assessment
  • Marlon Dumas, Luciano García-Bañuelos and Peeter Laud.
    Differential Privacy Analysis of Data Processing Workflows
  • Eric Li, Jeroen Barendse, Frederic Brodbeck and Axel Tanner.
    From A to Z: Developing a Visual Vocabulary for Information Security Threat Visualisation
  • Nihal Pekergin, Sovanna Tan and Jean-Michel Fourneau.
    Quantitative Attack Tree Analysis: Stochastic Bounds and Numerical Analysis
  • Ricardo J. Rodríguez, Xiaolin Chang, Xiaodan Li and Kishor S. Trivedi.
    Survivability Analysis of a Computer System under an Advanced Persistent Threat Attack
  • Paul Rowe.
    Confining Adversary Actions via Measurement


  • Olga Gadyatskaya, Carlo Harpes, Sjouke Mauw, Cedric Muller and Steve Muller.
    Bridging Two Worlds: Reconciling Practical Risk Assessment Methodologies with Theory of Attack Trees
  • Henk Jonkers and Dick Quartel.
    Enterprise Architecture-Based Risk and Security Modelling and Analysis


The GraMSec'16 post-proceedings have been published by Springer within the LNCS volume number 9987.
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