GraMSec 2017

The Fourth International Workshop on
Graphical Models for Security

Santa Barbara, CA, USA - August 21, 2017

Co-located with CSF 2017

Registration via the CFS website




  • Sjouke Mauw, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg (general chair)
  • Ketil Stølen, SINTEF Digital and University of Oslo, Norway (PC co-chair)
  • Peng Liu, Pennsylvania State University, USA (PC co-chair)


The list is not final and being still extended.
  • Mathieu Acher, University Rennes 1, Inria, France
  • Massimiliano Albanese, George Mason University, USA
  • Ludovic Apvrille, Télécom ParisTech, CNRS LTCI, France
  • Thomas Bauereiß, DFKI GmbH, Germany
  • Kristian Beckers, Technical University of Munich, Germany
  • Giampaolo Bella, University of Catania, Italy
  • Stefano Bistarelli, Università di Perugia, Italy
  • Marc Bouissou, EDF R&D, France
  • Binbin Chen, Advanced Digital Sciences Center, Singapore
  • Frédéric Cuppens, Télécom Bretagne, France
  • Nora Cuppens-Boulahia, Télécom Bretagne, France
  • Hervé Debar, Télécom SudParis, France
  • Harley Eades, Augusta University, USA
  • Mathias Ekstedt, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • Ulrik Franke, Swedish Institute of Computer Science - SICS, Sweden
  • Frank Fransen, TNO, The Netherlands
  • Olga Gadyatskaya, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  • Paolo Giorgini, University of Trento, Italy
  • Dieter Gollmann, Hamburg University of Technology, Germany
  • Joshua Guttman, WPI and MITRE, USA
  • René Rydhof Hansen, Aalborg University, Denmark
  • Maritta Heisel, Universität Duisburg-Essen, Germany
  • Hannes Holm, Swedish Defence Research Agency, Sweden
  • Siv Hilde Houmb, Secure-NOK AS, Norway
  • Sushil Jajodia, George Mason University, USA
  • Ravi Jhawar, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  • Henk Jonkers, BiZZdesign, The Netherlands
  • Cristian Johansen, University of Oslo, Norway
  • Florian Kammueller, Middlesex University London, UK
  • Nima Khakzad, TU Delft, The Netherlands
  • Dong Seong Kim, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  • Barbara Kordy, INSA Rennes, IRISA, France
  • Pascal Lafourcade, Université Clermont Auvergne, LIMOS, France
  • Jean-Louis Lanet, Inria, France
  • Per Håkon Meland, SINTEF Digital, Norway
  • Jogesh Muppala, HKUST, Hong Kong, SAR China
  • Simin Nadjm-Tehrani, Linköping University, Sweden
  • Andreas L. Opdahl, University of Bergen, Norway
  • Xinming Ou, University of South Florida, USA
  • Stéphane Paul, Thales Research and Technology, France
  • Ludovic Piètre-Cambacédès, EDF, France
  • Wolter Pieters, TU Delft, The Netherlands
  • Sophie Pinchinat, University Rennes 1, IRISA, France
  • Vincenzo Piuri, University of Milan, Italy
  • Marc Pouly, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland
  • Nicolas Prigent, Supélec, France
  • Christian W. Probst, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
  • David Pym, UCL, UK
  • Saša Radomirović, University of Dundee, UK
  • Indrajit Ray, Colorado State University, USA
  • Arend Rensink, University of Twente, The Netherlands
  • Yves Roudier, Université Côte d'Azur, CNRS, I3S, UNS, France
  • Guttorm Sindre, NUST, Norway
  • Mariëlle Stoelinga, University of Twente, The Netherlands
  • Xiaoyan Sun, California State University, USA
  • Axel Tanner, IBM Research - Zurich, Switzerland
  • Alexandre Vernotte, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • Luca Viganò, King's College London, UK
  • Lingyu Wang, Concordia University, Canada
  • Jan Willemson, Cybernetica, Estonia

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